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SMU SAAVMA Officers 2017

Welcome to the official webpage for St. Matthew's University, Associate SAVMA members. On this site, you can find the latest news and information about recent and upcoming SAAVMA-sponsored events, view pictures from some of the latest events, and find general information about SAAVMA leadership and its members.

All veterinary students at St. Matthew's University are registered Student Associate members of the American Veterinary Medical Association (SAAVMA). Being part of SAAVMA allows our school to send student delegates to Student AVMA symposia and conferences, and makes our students eligible to receive Professional Liability Insurance Trust (PLIT) insurance during their clinical year at an affiliated Veterinary school in the United States.

SAAVMA at SMU is composed of an elected board of officers and committee chairs, a faculty advisor, and a class representative from each of the seven semesters. As an elected body, SAAVMA organizes and funds many student activities, coordinates student volunteer efforts, organizes fundraisers, and serves as a liaison between the school's faculty members and the student body.


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