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November 17, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Posted by SAAVMA Historian on November 17, 2015 at 8:35 PM

SAAVMA Meeting November 17, 2015

Lecture Hall 2, Leeward 4

SAAVMA Officers:

Class Representatives: President: Alex Frolek P Semester 1: Tamara Dzikewicz P

Vice President: Kelsey Matern P Semester 2: Jessica Lubbers A

Secretary: Semester 3: Sami Wetz P

Treasurer: Stella Levy P Semester 4: Hana Trekell P

Social Chair: Cassie Martinez-McDow P Semester 5: Ahmad Hussain A

Fundraising Chair: Stephanie Krco P Semester 6: Jamie Coulson P

Historian: Hana Trekell P Semester 7: Enrique Lopez-Calleja A

Volunteer Chair: Omar Elamir P

SAAVMA Senior Delegate: Justin Simone – Absent Junior Delegate: Anne Piarulli – Present

SGA Representative: Kelsey Matern -- Present

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Eric Dunayer – Present

I) Call to Order 5:15pm

II) Delegate Report:

1. Please fill out this survey for Wellness! It’s for research and is important for our community!

2. FILL OUT THESE SURVEYS (if you haven’t already): a. (take the self assessment. You need your SAVMA login information) b.

3. “Like” SAVMA on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest SAVMA news! a.

4. There is a scholarship for three, all-expenses paid trips to the 2016 AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago from January 7-10, 2016.

5. Submissions for the Vet Gazette has been extended to November 30th! Contribute to the publication created by students, for students! a. See the attachment in the email for more information

6. There is a SAVMA symposium travel grant available consisting of 10 awards of $250. The application is attached and the deadline is January 22, 2016. Winners will be notified in early to mid-February 2016. a. See the attachment in the email for more information

7. SAVMA’s Education and Professional Development Committee (EPDC) is having their annual Economic Issue Essay Contest! Two $250 prizes will be awarded. The deadline is Monday, January 4th. See the attachment for the essay prompt and more information. a. See the attachment in the email for more information

8. There are 5 $500 stipends offered by the Public Health and Community Outreach Committee to help SAVMA members reach out to populations that are underserved in terms of veterinary care. Here is the link for the application: a.

9. Want to be a part of the 2016 Student Legislative Fly-in? The dates are Monday February 29th- March 1st 2016. We can submit the names of 2 representatives and 1 alternative by Monday January 4, 2016. Attached (“Email to Students-2016-2”) is more information regarding the fly-in and the funding provided. Please contact me to fill out a registration form if you’re interested a. See attachment in the email for more information

10. The Public Health and Community Outreach Teaching Excellence Award nominations are happening now with a due date of December 1st. This award is meant for people who are going above and beyond to make a difference in the community. The winning nominee will get $300, funding to travel to the SAVMA Symposium in 2016, and will have the award publicly presented to them at the farewell dinner during the Symposium. The author of the winning application will receive $125. a. See the attachment in the email for more information

11. FOR RECENT/SOON-TO-BE GRADS: The Future Leaders Program is a one year program that enhances leadership growth. Information for the 2016-2017 program will be available this winter. This year’s project focused on wellness: a. —> PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO CHECK OUT THIS WEBSITE OR SPREAD IT TO A CLASSMATE OR VETERINARIAN WHO MAY BENEFIT FROM THIS.

12. Want to travel and get some veterinary experience while you’re at it? Join Mission Rabies as they go to India and Northern Africa to vaccinate and sterilize stray dogs! a.

13. The National Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners are offering NAVLE Self-assessments for sale. These include 200 item, web-based practice exams with retired NAVLE items, score reports available right after completion, and a projected NAVLE score. Each self-assessment is available for purchase at $50 per form. A free sample is also offered with 10 items, tutorials and answer keys. For more information go to: or email: [email protected]

III) Fundraising Chair

1. Shirt sales

2. Yard sale? a. Alex, Taylor, Kerry, Kaitlyn, Lauren have committed to being there b. We will advertise to get more students and to get the word out for cayman residents

IV) Social Chair:

1. Ice cream social next Friday (27th) at noon

2. Puppy day stress reliever not possible. CIHS offered that students can come socialize dogs @ their location.

3. Massages – plan for $200 a. Have yet to hear back from Eclipz to verify time and cost

V) Treasurer Report:

1. Balance is $12,266.80 total (SAAVMA and Stipend). If you need a split let me know.

2. VBMA pins have been purchased

VI) Volunteer Chair Report:

VII) Historian Chair:

1. The award board will be updated

VIII) Semester Chair Issues/Topics

1. Have separate rooms for each class for block exams. It is disrupting students when a different class comes/goes while one is still taking exams.

2. Can we get grades back in a timely manner?

IX) SGA Report

X) Faculty Advisor Report:

1. Student Assembly on Thursday. Make sure everyone attends! a. There may be changes to NAVLE

2. Complaints about the Residence Hall

a. Dean said that there is an advisory board; the school cannot do anything unless we go through the correct channels to get to the school.

3. Gaps in the schedule

a. Shouldn’t be a problem – students should study during these scheduled breaks

4. Extra room on first floor of Leeward 1 – this will stay locked and blocked off from students and pets.

XII) Senior Delegate:

XII) New Business:

1. Elections on Thursday November 19, 2015 at the student assembly.

2. Feelin Good Friday

a. Jess has this Friday

b. Possibly massages for next Friday

3. Josh (4th) and Samantha (2nd) emailed Alex for the Meeting Minutes gift card

a. Drawing for winner: Sam

4. Reimbursement for students attending symposium

a. Will be discussed again next meeting.

5. Dahlia giving talk in conjunction with VBMA after next SAAVMA meeting

XIII) Old/Ongoing Business:

1. Stella spoke to Dr. Schmidt regarding who updates the SMU assisted DOA shelter webpage photos. She says Katie is responsible for updating the pictures and can use help. I let her know probably best to start with it next semester but its something we would need to work with Katie on.

XIV) Next Meeting is December 1, 2015

XV) Meeting concluded at 5:44pm.

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