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October 6, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Posted by SAAVMA Historian on October 20, 2015 at 3:30 PM

SAAVMA Meeting

October 6, 2015 5:15 pm Lecture Hall 5

Class Representatives: SAAVMA Officers:

Semester 1: Tamara Dzikewicz P President: Alex Frolek P

Semester 2: Jessica Lubbers P Vice President: Kelsey Matern A

Semester 3: Sami Wetz P Secretary: Lauren Lev P

Semester 4: Hana Trekell P Treasurer: Stella Levy P

Semester 5: Ahmad Hussain P Social Chair: Cassie Martinez-McDow P

Semester 6: Jamie Coulson A Fundraising Chair: Stephanie Krco P

Semester 7: Enrique Lopez-Calleja P Historian: Hana Trekell P

Volunteer Chair: Omar Elamir P *** WANT FREE MONEY?!? EMAIL ALEX @[email protected]**** SAAVMA

Senior Delegate: Justin Simone – Absent Junior Delegate: Anne Piarulli – Present

SGA Representative: Kelsey Matern -- Absent

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Eric Dunayer – Present

I) Call to Order 5:15pm

II) Delegate Report:

1. FILL OUT THESE SURVEYS (if you haven’t already): - imyoobIY0/viewform (take the self assessment. You need your SAVMA login information) -

2. “Like” SAVMA on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest SAVMA news!

3. There’s an AVMA Governmental Relations Student Externship Program. The blocks don’t exactly correspond with our breaks, but keep this link for a reference if you’re interested. AVMA provides a $1200 stipend. (aka: Free money). The deadline is October 16, 2015.

4. FOR RECENT/SOON-TO-BE GRADS: The Future Leaders Program is a one year program that enhances leadership growth. Information for the 2016-2017 program will be available this winter. This year’s project focused on wellness: —> PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO CHECK OUT THIS WEBSITE OR SPREAD IT TO A CLASSMATE OR VETERINARIAN WHO MAY BENEFIT FROM THIS.

5. Want to travel and get some veterinary experience while you’re at it? Join Mission Rabies as they go to India and Northern Africa to vaccinate and sterilize stray dogs!

6. There is a funding grant application with the Education and Professional Development Committee. - They are offering 4 $200 grants for funding for wet labs or lectures supplementing their college’s curriculum. Applications must be submitted by a student who is a member in good standing with SAVMA. Please limit proposals to no more than 250 words and provide all required information. Alcohol must not be provided at the events, and funding must not be used for gifts to speakers. Applications that fail to stay within these limits or fail to provide all required information will not be considered for funding at this time. Guidelines the committee will use when evaluating submissions: Uniqueness of proposed wet lab/lecture, Effective supplementation of the veterinary curriculum, Brief description of proposed event budget (ie. what the grant money will be used for), Impact the event will have on students who attend; 250 word limit - Submissions are due by Friday, November 6, 2015! Please email submissions as an attachment to [email protected] Also include your name and SAVMA ID# along with your submission. - Winners will be selected and notified in November (before Thanksgiving).

III) Fundraising Chair

1. T-shirt order next week

2. We made $34.00 from the Movie Night Bake Sale.

IV) Social Chair:

1. We had a really good turn out for the movie night!

2. Lip Sync November 7th - confirmation from Margaritaville for location and drink/food specials - Default place is HRC. $5/ person unless SAAVMA thinks it should cost different. - Proceeds go into general fund/part of prizes? - Also, Cassie needs help to secure prizes. Similar to last semester, top 3 performances voted by judges, and fan favorite voted by crowd.

3. Next event is mid-semester BBQ and ZEW event (ZEW will have to update specifics on their event).

4. Reminder, Google calendar is available for events to be listed. Is there a way to share it with SMU via the new gmail system automatically?

5. Waiting to hear back from owner of Minus 5 for an Ice bar night, previously have discussed 8-20 people can get free admission in exchange for promoting via social media (photos, etc).

6. Possibility to coordinate with volunteer chair, wellness club, and Feel good Friday for a puppy/kitten hour closer to finals week as a stress reliever for both med and vet students as well as get the animals some human bonding?

7. One of the local salons now offers corporate rates for travel massage service. I was going to inquire if we could get a deal and offer 5-10 minute massages as a fundraiser/ wellness event before blocks or finals. I will pursue if this is feasible and there is interest.

V) Treasurer Report:

1. Current SAAVMA balance is 13, 252.73 USD.

2. There is a funding request from our VBMA colleagues (President Kerry Mead) for 250.00 CI in order to assist with purchasing VBMA pins for its graduating class and current VBMA members. At several of the US veterinary schools, students that participate in the VBMA receive pins on their white coats for being a member. The SMU VBMA would like to provide our chapter the benefit of being a club member with a lapel pin. These pins would be presented to club members on the day of the white coat ceremony, and all VBMA participants would receive a pin. The SMU VBMA chapter is requesting this assistance of SAAVMA under Professional Development (#1).

VI) Volunteer Chair Report:

1. We are working on a fundraising proposal for an Adoption Volleyball Tournament. Stay tuned for more information. - Humane Society is on board!

2. Training courses for the Humane Society - Students/Dr. Gaskins can help with this?

3. Humane Society Wine Night – Wine, Pasta, and Bottle Painting in Caymana Bay will be next week. See Omar for more details.

VII) Historian Chair:

1. We need photos of all the award winners from last week to update the board. VIII) Semester Chair Issues/Topics

IX) SGA Report

1. There are no lockers for the 1st semester students. Please put your name on your locker because we will be breaking the locks to make room for other students.

X) Faculty Advisor Report:

1. In regards to teacher’s letting students out on time, Dr. Dunayer sent an email to IT to see if we can set an alarm.

2. Everyone needs to sign up again for SAAVMA for next year. Dr. Dunayer will sign up the classes individually to come in and do this.

XII) Senior Delegate:

XII) New Business:

1. Toilet Talk – Any suggestions?

2. We can vote for new positions.

3. Dr. Hall will be here next SAAVMA meeting. Food will be provided.

4. Wellness Friday signup. - Budget for Wellness Friday will be 25CI/week.

XIII) Old/Ongoing Business:

1. The Forensic Conference is scheduled for November 6-7. Mark your calendars!

VX) Next Meeting is October 20, 2015 - Meeting ended at 5:58pm

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