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September 8, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Posted by SAAVMA Historian on September 19, 2015 at 5:50 PM

SAAVMA Meeting

August 8, 2015 5:15 pm Lecture Hall 5

Class Representatives: SAAVMA Officers:

Semester 1: Tamara Dzikewicz P President: Alex Frolek P

Semester 2: Jessica Lubbers P Vice President: Kelsey Matern P

Semester 3: Sami Wetz P Secretary: Lauren Lev P

Semester 4: Hana Trekell P Treasurer: Stella Levy P

Semester 5: Ahmad Hussain P Social Chair: Cassie Martinez-McDow P

Semester 6: Jamie Coulson P Fundraising Chair: Stephanie Krco P

Semester 7: Enrique Lopez-Calleja P Historian: Hana Trekell P

Volunteer Chair: Omar Elamir P SAAVMA

Senior Delegate: Justin Simone – Absent

Junior Delegate: Anne Piarulli – Present

SGA Representative: Kelsey Matern -- Present

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Eric Dunayer – Present

I) Call to Order 5:15pm

II) Delegate Report:

1. Attached is a crossword puzzle about the benefits we get from being a SAVMA member. - The first person to complete it CORRECTLY and get it to Anne ([email protected], 411 at the suites, follow the 4th semester schedule, etc) will get a $10 gift card to Eats! All of the answers can be found on the SAVMA website under “Benefits of SAVMA Membership.” This is to encourage everyone to explore more of the resources that are available to us.

2. FILL OUT THESE SURVEYS (if you haven’t already): - imyoobIY0/viewform (take the self assessment. You need your SAVMA login information) -

3. Information from the AVMA convention House of Delegates: - There’s a student loan worksheet that gives a solid breakdown and two examples. Some of us can’t use it, but just in case anyone doing a supplemental program(s) for funding is interested, it will be attached to the minutes. (Re-assess yearly!) & - “Like” SAVMA on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest SAVMA news! - If anyone has friends in law school, the AVMA has some pretty sweet prizes for their Animal Law Writing contest which opens in October and papers are due in February. Be a good friend & pass on this link: - There’s an AVMA Governmental Relations Student Externship Program. The blocks don’t exactly correspond with our breaks, but keep this link for a reference if you’re interested. AVMA provides a $1200 stipend. (aka: Free money). The deadline is October 16, 2015.

4. If anyone is interested in learning more about the accreditation process, go here:

5. FOR RECENT/SOON-TO-BE GRADS: The Future Leaders Program is a one year program that enhances leadership growth. Information for the 2016-2017 program will be available this winter. This year’s project focused on wellness: —> PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO CHECK OUT THIS WEBSITE OR SPREAD IT TO A CLASSMATE OR VETERINARIAN WHO MAY BENEFIT FROM THIS.

6. There is a travel scholarship for IVSA (International Veterinary Students’ Association) for the upcoming symposium in Taiwan and IVSA Congress in Austria. The requirements and application are attached to these minutes.

7. There is a funding grant application with the Education and Professional Development Committee. - They are offering 4 $200 grants for funding for wet labs or lectures supplementing their college’s curriculum. Applications must be submitted by a student who is a member in good standing with SAVMA. Please limit proposals to no more than 250 words and provide all required information. Alcohol must not be provided at the events, and funding must not be used for gifts to speakers. Applications that fail to stay within these limits or fail to provide all required information will not be considered for funding at this time. Guidelines the committee will use when evaluating submissions: Uniqueness of proposed wet lab/lecture, Effective supplementation of the veterinary curriculum, Brief description of proposed event budget (ie. what the grant money will be used for), Impact the event will have on students who attend; 250 word limit - Submissions are due by Friday, November 6, 2015! Please email submissions as an attachment to [email protected] Also include your name and SAVMA ID# along with your submission. - Winners will be selected and notified in November (before Thanksgiving). III) Fundraising Chair

IV) Social Chair:

1. Welcome Back BBQ and Med School v. Vet Volleyball Tournament is this Saturday at 12:30. - Food will be cut off at 1:15. - Please bring small side dish to share. - Teams can be made of 4-5 team members.

2. Movie night will be early in this semester. - please send 1-2 suggestions per semester to Cassie Martinez McDow at [email protected] 3. Please send dates for events to Cassie so she can update the school calendar.

V) Treasurer Report:

1. Statement: 2,791.81 USD i. This excludes the $8,500US stipend from AVMA/PLIT/GHLIT.

2. We will be incorporating an accounting spreadsheet to track SAAVMA expenses in a more detailed manner. This will allow us to have greater reporting capabilities and see what categories we have funded.

VI) Volunteer Chair Report:

1. We are working on a fundraising proposal for an Adoption Basketball Tournament. Stay tuned for more information.

2. Anyone who wants their animal displayed on the board for Foster Animal of the Week, please let Omar Elamir know.

VII) Historian Chair:

1. The Award Ceremony is set for September, 23.

VIII) Semester Chair Issues/Topics:

1. The SMU website should finally be getting updated.

2. The faculty emails on Moodle should already be updated.

IX) SGA Report

X) Faculty Advisor Report:

1. We need to nominate for faculty awards.

XII) Senior Delegate:

XII) New Business:

1. Officers need to update their positions so we can vote for new positions.

2. Class reps need to update their class rosters.

3. Amount of money for meeting minutes surprises

4. Wellness Fridays . . . wanting to start this up. Amount to set aside for each week? - Can people sign up to help us? There will be a sign up sheet. - What should we call it? Feel good Friday?

XIII) Old/Ongoing Business:

1. The Forensic Conference is scheduled for November 6-7. Mark your calendars!

VX) Next Meeting is August 22, 2015 - Meeting ended at 5:37pm

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