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July 7, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Posted by SAAVMA Historian on July 28, 2015 at 9:40 PM

SAAVMA Meeting

July 7, 2015 5:15 pm Lecture Hall 2

Class Representatives: SAAVMA Officers:

Semester 1: Breanne Fredette A President: Alex Frolek P

Semester 2: Sami Wetz P Vice President: Kelsey Matern P

Semester 3: Hana Trekell P Secretary: Lauren Lev A

Semester 4: Ahmad Hussain P Treasurer: Stella Levy P

Semester 5: Brian Fertitta A Social Chair: Cassie Martinez-McDow A

Semester 6: Enrique Lopez-Calleja P Fundraising Chair: Stephanie Krco A

Semester 7: Julian D’Cruz A Historian: Hana Trekell P

Volunteer Chair: Omar Elamir P SAAVMA Senior Delegate: Justin Simone – Absent

Junior Delegate: Anne Piarulli – Present

SGA Representative: Kelsey Matern --Present

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Eric Dunayer – Present

I) Call to Order 5:15pm

II) Delegate Report: 1. Alex Frolek and Anne Piarulli will be attending the convention next week.

III) Fundraising Chair 1. T-shirts are in. The time and place to pick them up will be posted on the SMU Facebook page. 2. Can the 6th and 7th semester class reps ask if their classes want an end of the semester yard sale? - They will need to decide what weekend they would like it to be (otherwise we will just choose). (I'm sure Alex can give some input here are what it was like last semester because even though it was kind of crazy (and now I know to expect this) people sold a ton of their stuff really quickly).

IV) Social Chair: 1. Great success with the Lip Sync Battle last weekend! - Those who haven't paid, please do so :-).[Everyone $5ci, (except Becky & Melissa). 2. Do we want a Movie night this semester? Should it coordinate with Marvet? (i.e. next weekend?) - Date TBD 3. Med school will confirm if volleyball is still on for Sunday--> invite MarVet? - Date TBD 4. Ice Cream social will have a date by next week. 4. Would it be possible to 'Roast' the 7th semester? *suggested by Elliot & Phemy*

V) Treasurer Report: 1. Statement: 8,560.00 USD i. No changes to report – The machines were down at the bank this morning so this is approximate. ii. The balance is a little higher since I just deposited a reimbursement to SAAVMA.

VI) Volunteer Chair Report: 1. SMU Student Dog Wash with Nutrition Club 2. Sign up sheet for emergency dog-fostering network for future floods will be on the board outside LH3. VII) Historian Chair: 1. Hana in process of updating the board.

VIII) Semester Chair Issues/Topics: 1. No issues with any of the semester chairs.

IX) SGA Report: 1. SGA Meeting is tomorrow. 2. We will be ordering 60 agenda/planners. 3. Emily Hake has asked if SAAVMA will sponsor this upcoming MUD RUN? - It would cost $120.00 per team sponsored. - SAAVMA willing to reimburse up to $60.00 per team. - Request that Emily send Dr. Dunayer a formal request to include Moodle post and tentative number of participants. - The money goes to Charity.

X) Faculty Advisor Report: 1. Clock was put in the student lounge. 2. Response to a previous request for not mopping during day is pending.

XI) Senior Delegate:

XII) New Business: 1. Can we extend authorized personnel at CTF review sessions to include Class Reps? - Currently, only TAs and Animal Care assignees are permitted at CTF off hours. Enrique to talk to Dr. Darby.

XIII) Old/Ongoing Business:

VX) Next Meeting is July 21st. - Meeting ended at 5:50pm

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