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June 23, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Posted by SAAVMA Historian on July 4, 2015 at 1:45 PM

SAAVMA Meeting

June 23, 2015 5:15 pm Lecture Hall 2

Class Representatives: SAAVMA Officers:

Semester 1: Breanne Fredette P President: Alex Frolek P

Semester 2: Sami Wetz P Vice President: Kelsey Matern P

Semester 3: Hana Trekell P Secretary: Lauren Lev P

Semester 4: Ahmad Hussain P Treasurer: Stella Levy P

Semester 5: Brian Fertitta P Social Chair: Cassie Martinez-McDow P

Semester 6: Enrique Lopez-Calleja A Fundraising Chair: Stephanie Krco P

Semester 7: Julian D’Cruz P Historian: Hana Trekell P

Volunteer Chair: Omar Elamir P

SAAVMA Senior Delegate: Justin Simone – Absent

Junior Delegate: Anne Puillari – Present

SGA Representative: Kelsey Matern -- Present

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Eric Dunayer – Present

I) Call to Order 5:15pm

II) Delegate Report:

III) Fundraising Chair 1. T-shirts have been ordered. They will be here July 3rd.

IV) Social Chair: 1. Cassie is working with the Med School to finalize Volleyball tournament. - They are seeking assistance with the food portion because the assumed this would automatically coincide with the mid-semester BBQ. 2. Cassie is working to nail down the location for the lip synch battle – looks likes Lonestar will be the best option – they will have drink specials for us!!! Need help deciding fee to participate (fundraiser?) 3. Remember to refer to calendar for school events. Clubs, please send me meeting/event dates so I can add to the calendar. It is too hectic for me to try to remember to add them every time one gets posted to Moodle/FB.

V) Treasurer Report: 1. Statement: 8,277.40 USD i. No changes to report

VI) Volunteer Chair Report: 1. SMU Student Dog Wash with Nutrition Club 2. Sign up sheet for emergency dog-fostering network for future floods will be on the board outside LH3.

VII) Historian Chair: 1. Could we put a clock in the student lounge? 2. Please clean up after your dogs if you bring them to campus to study.

VIII) Semester Chair Issues/Topics: 1. Since we are in hurricane season, can the school send out an emergency text alert? - The suggestion was made that class reps be in charge of notifying their classes. 2. Could we have the cleaning crew only mop in the evening or when there are not a lot of students here? 3. Could the cleaning crew start vacuuming the carpets? 4. People need to try to clean out the fridge more. We are going to institute a policy where all items need to be dated and have a name on it. SAAVMA is going to provide a marker and tape.

IX) SGA Report: 1. SGA is tentatively planning their formal for July 10th at Lilly’s.

X) Faculty Advisor Report:

XII) Senior Delegate:

XII) New Business: 1. We are trying to decide which type of agendas to get. They will be undated so they can be used from semester to semester.

XIII) Old/Ongoing Business:

VX) Next Meeting is July 7rd - Meeting ended at 6:00pm

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